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Ways to value creativity – the performing arts

Creativity is not something you can produce in a blink of an eye. It is something that an individual has to grow and protect through a constant self-culturing behavior. The more you are exposed to an artistic discipline, the better you become at doing it yourself. This rule is especially true for the people who practice performing acts. In the end, the way we value them is a direct consequence of the time they spent to develop their act.

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Creativity in theatre

Performing arts lacks the use of artificial materials in its production. This is the main difference between this practice and visual arts like painting or photography. Theatre is one of the oldest art forms and people who practice it are aware that their only means of expression are the fruit of their creativity. Some of the best theatrical performances are the result of many years of study and development, which are unfortunately overlooked by the ignorant eyes of the audience.


How to value dance performances

Dancing is believed to be one of the oldest forms of communication that even precede verbalization. This theory is based on similar examples from the animal world, where certain mammals and birds use dance moves to express their intentions. Today, we value dancing as a performing art. You do not need to study this discipline to truly appreciate it. However, you can express your opinion on an artist’s performance by simple comparison with other dance acts that you have witnessed in the past.

The way art influences us

Exposure to art disciplines of any kind has been proven to expand the human ability to create new forms of expression. The only way to bring something new to the world of performing arts is to watch it and practice it with every occasion you get. This can easily develop into a cultural heritage of crucial importance for generations to come.