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Everything you need to know about Minoxidil, Provillus active ingredient

The history of this compound is pretty impressive. Did you know that Monoxidil was initially designed to treat the high blood pressure? The experts soon noticed that it promotes the hair growth in the male patients who were bald. So, a team of scientists have developed this concept into a product that would treat alopecia and reverse its effects.


Minoxidil isn’t everything you need

Although this active ingredient stops the loss of hair and accelerates the growth of new strands, the doctors told us it’s not enough to deal with alopecia. It is the reason why Provillus from consists in a combination of dietary capsules and a topical solution. When the topical treatment is made of Minoxidil, the pills contain a handful of natural ingredients with amazing results.

Provillus capsules for men include in their composition Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and a Proprietary Blend that contains Uva-Ursi, Muira Puama P, Pumpkin, Eleuthero Root, and Stinging Nettle. On the other hand, the pills for women are made of Magnesium, Biotin, Vitamin B6, and a Proprietary Blend of Para-Amino Benzoic Acid and Horsetail Silica.

These ingredients are essential for the health of hair and scalp. They fight against alopecia, rebuild follicles, strengthen hairs, and accelerate their growth. However, the best hair growth treatment should address to this condition from inside out. And Monoxidil is a formidable weapon against hair loss. Even from the first application, it will eliminate the primary cause of baldness and promote the development of thicker hairs.

Do you know how to use Provillus?

The solution for men contains 5% Minoxidil, while the treatment for women has shown incredible results, even though it has only 2% of this active ingredient. Here’s how you should use the topical solution: wash your hair thoroughly and apply the solution evenly on your scalp. Take 2 capsules daily, and in only several weeks you will observe the first positive results. Your strands will grow thicker and faster. The loss of hair stops and, moreover, new strands will develop from the repaired roots.

Based on the information published on, Minoxidil slows balding and promotes the regrowth of new strands. It also widens the roots, so that the hair that will develop is thicker. The most important fact is that it gets to the source of the problem, and prevents the further loss of hairs.

The most effective active ingredient

Monoxidil is an FDA-approved ingredient with dozens of clinical research to testify its efficacy. You do not need a medical prescription to use it and, if you apply it according to the doctor’s instructions, you will not suffer from any side effects. This active ingredient from Provillus solution extends the growth phase of hairs, and helps the patients to recover their healthy strands.

When the hair starts to fall, the sufferers deal with a reduced self-esteem and depression. Because the hair recovery system from Provillus store will cure alopecia, the consumers will restore their confidence and feel great again. Request your free trial from the official representative, and enjoy recovering your beautiful scalp!